Charting Progress on the M15 Select Bus Service

Ten months after the M15 Select Bus Service (SBS) was introduced by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority-New York City Transit (NYCT), my office conducted a three-week study to assess its implementation and identify outstanding concerns. The study found that while many early glitches have been resolved and riders are generally pleased with the new bus service’s speed, there are still issues DOT and NYCT must address. The most prominent problem is peeling, obstructed or missing signage at SBS stops explaining how the system and its ticket machines work. Such instructions are vitally important, since riders who do not purchase a ticket before boarding are subject to a $100 fine. Both DOT and NYCT have been responsive to previous concerns regarding the M15 SBS that I and other area elected officials have raised, and I will continue to follow up with them to ensure that remaining problems are likewise fixed. You may download a .pdf of my “M15 Select Bus Service Progress Report” by clicking on the file name below.