Convening a Forum for Harassed Tenants of Shalom Buildings

Thomas K. Duane

September 24, 2010

On September 23, I along with other elected officials and tenants advocacy organizations co-sponsored the Shalom Tenants Alliance’s (STA) City-wide tenant organizing meeting for tenants of buildings owned and managed by the notorious Shalom family, as well as for tenants of other landlords known for buying rent-regulated buildings, systematically dismantling required building services, and forcing out legal residents through harassment, intimidation, negligence, and deception. This meeting, which STA convened in response to a recent spike in complaints by Shalom tenants, enabled tenants with common experiences to connect with one another; organize their buildings; share the tools they need to combat their landlords' malicious tactics; and access assistance from me, other elected officials, and relevant state and local agencies.

fWe were joined by representatives from MFY Legal Services, Housing Court Answers, National Association of HUD Tenants, Rent Controlled Tenants Alliance, the New York City Police, Fire, Buildings, Sanitation, and Housing Preservation and Development departments, and the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, who answered questions from the audience. The Shalom family owns more than 100 buildings in New York City and I encourage those tenants who are experiencing problems to get active and fight for their rights. Please contact Belinda Cape in my office at (212) 633-8052 or the Shalom Tenants Alliance at (646) 506-9664 or for more information.