Martin Treat

June 09, 2011


Martin Treat

Award: Veterans' Hall of Fame

Year: 2011

Martin Treat served as a Specialist in the Army Air Cavalry during the Vietnam War and received Service, Commendation and Air Medals for honorable and meritorious performance of his duty.  His service to his country did not end after he returned home from Vietnam in 1970, as he has dedicated himself to his community both in his professional life and in his volunteer activities ever since. 

After receiving an MFA in Acting from the University of Oregon, Martin became both an actor, performing in countless theater, television and film productions, and a theater arts teacher, working for decades in New York City high schools.  Martin has also been extremely active in his Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.  Not only does he serve as a member of Manhattan Community Board 4, but he is also is an active member, along with his wife Kathleen, of the Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association, and he is a co-founder of the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Coalition for Pedestrian Safety.  For many years, Martin has been a tireless advocate for pedestrian safety in his neighborhood and the entire city.

Martin was deeply affected by his service in Vietnam and has been a longtime member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace.  In 2003, he wrote a one-man show, which he has performed across the United States, based on the columns of renowned World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle.  Martin credited Pyle’s columns with first instilling in him the idea that one should “honor the warrior and not the war.”  Martin has consistently fought for the rights and needs of veterans as well as for peace and social and economic justice for all people.

For his deep and abiding commitment and service to his country and his community, Martin Treat is exceptionally worthy of his place in the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame.