Opposing DOE Proposal to Open a Charter Elementary School on Brandeis Campus

Thomas K. Duane

November 20, 2010

On November 19, 2010 I released the following statement in opposition to the New York City Department of Education’s proposal to co-locate a Success Charter Network elementary school with the five high schools currently occupying the Louis D. Brandeis High School campus (145 West 84th Street):

Statement of NYS Senator Thomas K. Duane

Re: Proposal to Co-Locate Charter School at Brandeis Campus

“It has come to my attention that the New York City Department of Education (DOE) is considering offering space at the Louis D. Brandeis High School building to the Success Charter Network for a charter elementary school.  There are five wonderful high schools already co-located in this building, four of which are expected to remain there over the long-term.  It is important to note that these schools deserve the opportunity to grow.  I would also argue that there is still a need for another high school to serve students from the neighborhoods that previously fed into Brandeis High School, as well as those from the surrounding area.  Furthermore, I believe that co-locating elementary school students with those in their late teens is problematic.  DOE has scarce space and that space is best used to build on the success of our Community School District 3 schools and foster their growth and expansion.  I believe that, in general, and specifically in this case, a charter school should not take precedence over promising new traditional public schools.”