Debra Liegl

May 14, 2014


Debra Liegl


Year: 2014

Debra Liegl has been President and CEO of the Cheektowaga Chamber of Commerce for the past 13 years, where she has maintained a steadfast dedication to supporting the Cheektowaga business community. Her efforts have culminated in the bi-annual Cheektowaga Jobs Fair, which connects hundreds of job-seekers with good careers, a legislative roundtable focused on small business issues, numerous education seminars, networking events and a Women in Business event. 

On top of her work with the Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Liegl is also the Executive Director of Community Connection, a local organization that works with students to inspire them to make smart life choices that have a positive impact on their future. At the end of the program, select students receive a Student Achievement Award as a recognition of their successes. Community Connection also runs the CHOICES Program, which brings business mentors into the classroom, helping to empower students to make positive choices that result in better career and life opportunities. 

Ms. Liegl’s work for the business community extends to her service as President of the Cheektowaga Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), where she has served for the past 12 years. Ms. Liegl has worked to assist the expansion and retention of businesses in Cheektowaga, resulting in increased employment opportunities for residents through programs such as lowcost loans to businesses. 

In addition to Ms. Liegl’s work, she has also given back to her community in many ways. She serves as a member of the Town of Cheektowaga Assessment Review Board, the Cheektowaga Central School District Community Involvement Task Force, the Board of Directors for the Western New York Chamber Alliance, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation and the Chamber Alliance of New York State. Ms. Liegl also proudly serves on the Advisory Council of the Everywoman Opportunity Center.