Monica Neuwirt

May 09, 2017

Monica Neuwirt is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. As such, survival and hard work are part of her DNA. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she decided to put her health in the hands of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Ms. Neuwirt is a longtime supporter of the Institute, having ridden every year in the annual biking fundraiser, The Ride for Roswell, since its inception in 1996. Over the past nine years, she has qualified for the Extra Mile Club, raising over $1,000 each year. She was also instrumental in inspiring her company, FedEx Trade Networks, to participate in the fundraiser.

Last year The Ride for Roswell was a difficult time for Ms. Neuwirt. A year earlier, her partner had undergone chemotherapy and cancer surgery at Roswell Park, a good friend had recently died of lung cancer, and Ms. Neuwirt herself was recovering from surgery and in the midst of her 20 radiation treatments. However, despite all of this, she managed to complete her 30-mile bike route for The Ride for Roswell.

Ms. Neuwirt has worked for FedEx Trade Networks for almost 14 years as an IT manager, and has led team members to participate in various fundraisers for charities, including United Way, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Hospice Buffalo, the Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House.

Ms. Neuwirt graduated from the University at Buffalo as a Computer Science major, at a time when few women worked in this field. She was one of two women in her graduating class. She went on to get her MBA at Canisius College. A lifelong feminist and human rights activist, she has participated in many events over the years to fight oppression of all kinds. If it were not for the courage of those who fought against the Nazis in WWII, she would not be here today.