Social Media Terms of Use

Timothy M. Kennedy

November 13, 2012

Our Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages are designed to keep Western New Yorkers informed on news and updates from our work in the State Capitol and here in our community. We hope you’ll share your ideas and input on the news we post via social media and other important issues. We also ask that you comply with our guidelines for use and remain respectful of other users. Our social media pages are meant to be a forum for discussion on issues and not a venue for personal attacks.

  • Any and all comments and content deemed obscene, graphic, explicit or racist is strictly prohibited. Hateful and abusive language toward any organization or individual will be immediately removed.
  • Any and all comments that suggest illegal activity are strictly prohibited.
  • Any and all comments are subject to review. We encourage open dialogue that fosters conversation on issues, rather than personal attacks.
  • You are personally responsible for your comments and any information you share via social media. We encourage your participation and advise you to remain diligent about sharing personal information whenever you use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc.