Senator Stavisky and Assemblyman Kim Honor Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War in Joint Resolution

Albany, NY—Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing) and Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing) sponsored a joint resolution to honor the service and sacrifice of Korean veterans who served alongside American troops in the Vietnam War.

More than 325,000 soldiers from the Republic of Korea fought alongside American troops from 1964 until the final withdrawal on March 23, 1973. Second only to the United States, the Republic of Korea deployed the most combat troops to the conflict. Nearly 5,100 Korean soldiers were killed in combat and almost 11,000 were wounded.


“I am proud to honor these veterans who put their lives on the line in service of the highest purpose—to defend democracy, freedom and self-determination. The sacrifice of these brave men shows that these ideals are not just American ideals, but ideals that people from around the world who value justice, equality and fairness hold dear and are willing to fight to protect. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I thank these men for their service,” said Senator Toby Ann Stavisky.


“I am proud to stand tall with our Korean veterans who served in the Vietnam war. Over 300,000 soldiers, including my own father, who served as a Marine, fought with America to uphold our democratic values. With this resolution, these soldiers' sacrifices will forever be part of New York's history,” said Assemblyman Ron Kim.


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