Campaigning for Summer Jobs at Youth Action Day 2012

Velmanette Montgomery

January 30, 2012

Senator Montgomery joined with representatives of the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park to support their request to the Legislature for the inclusion of $35 million in the final 2012-13 State Budget.

Governor Cuomo has proposed $25 million, a $10 million cut from last year's appropriation. The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) provides young people with important job opportunities and fosters work and life skill development, including responsibility, punctuality, money managment, teamwork and meeting workplace expections.

Approximately 130,000 New York City apply for jobs under SYEP and only 31,000 get jobs.  

Other organizations participating in Youth Action Day 2012 were Alianza Dominicana, Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association, Child Center of New York, Children's Aid Society, Chinese-American Planning Council, Goddard Riverside Community Center, Grand Street Settlement, Harlem RBI, Hudson Guild, Mercy First Hospital, Neighborhood Family Services Coalition, New Settlement Apartments - Bronx Helpers, Queens Community House, St. Nicks Alliance, United Neighborhood Houses of New York, and University Settlement.