*NEW* Directory of Job Opportunities for Young Adults

Velmanette Montgomery

February 01, 2012

The New York City Employment and Training Coalition has developed a resource guide to employment opportunities for New York City Youth.

Considering the record-breaking rates of young adult unemployment, the nearly 200,000 disconnected young adults in the five boroughs, and the ever-shrinking social services available to the 1,100 young adults transitioning out of the foster care system each year, the Directory is a vital resource for agencies aiming to connect young adults to training and job placement.

The NYC Young Adult Workforce Development Provider Directory is a project of Building Bridges: Connecting the Foster Care and Workforce Communities to Support Positive Outcomes for Youth, which is a collaboration of F·E·G·S Health and Human Services System, Workforce Professionals Training Institute, the New York City Employment and Training Coalition, and the New York City Administration for Children Services that has been generously supported by New Yorkers for Children.

The objective of Building Bridges is to increase employment opportunities for youth currently in and aging out of foster care by improving collaboration and generating long-term connections between foster care providers and community-based workforce
development providers via a more systemic approach.

The Directory is included here on Senator Montgomery's website as a pdf document. For more information about the Directory,  please contact the New York City Employment and Training Coalition at info@nycetc.org or 212-253-6873.