Senator Montgomery discusses Mayoral Control of New York City Schools

Senator Velmanette Montgomery

May 04, 2016

Senator Montgomery’s comments at the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Education Public Hearing to examine the merits of extending mayoral control of schools in New York City.

Senator Montgomery's comments at the Education Public Hearing - 05/04/16

Senator Montgomery and Mayor Bill de Blasio discuss concerns surrounding mayoral control of New York City schools and importance of school based health clinics during the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Education Public Hearing. The next Public Hearing to examine the merits of extending mayoral control of schools in New York City is scheduled for Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 10 AM at 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, Senate Hearing Room in New York City. 

As part of Senator Montgomery's education legislative agenda, the Senator has introduced SS904A, which would remove mayoral control of the NYC schools. The bill would create an independent  NYC Board of Education[1]. This new Board would have the authority to appoint the NYC Schools Chancellor and have control over educational policy. Parents and education professionals would regain a greater voice in the education process.

This legislation will require that the New York City Board of Education be comprised of individuals appointed by several entities. This fact, coupled with the proposal that the Board appoint the city school district chancellor, will allow the Board to operate as an independent entity apart for the office of the NYC  mayor. By removing mayoral control over the selection of the chancellor, there will be checks and balances and a chance for public review of decisions made by the Board to ensure transparency and accountability.

Additionally this bill will allow those with a vested interest in education, such as parents of school children and those in higher education, to be directly involved in the policy creation and decision making of the education system.

“We need parents involved in their children’s education. We need schools that are focused not solely on test results, but on providing the best education,. We need a Board of Education focused on an environment supportive of the achievement of all our children. This bill will provide for all these things,” said Senator Montgomery.

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[1] “NYC Board of Education” is the legal name for the body governing NYC Schools. The current Mayor and NYC DOE refer to this body as the “Panel for Educational Policy.”