Senator Montgomery discusses Raise the Age and the School-to-Prison Pipeline on "Legislative Report" with Senator Roxanne Persaud

In part 3 of their ongoing discussion on criminal justice issues, Senator Montgomery joins Senator Roxanne Persaud for "Legislative Report" to discuss Raise the Age and the history of the movement to reform the juvenile justice system in New York State. 

During the interview, Senator Montgomery recognized the leadership of the late Chief Judge of New York State Judith Kaye, former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and advocates like Judge Michael Carriero who worked tirelessly to shine the spotlight on how young people were being treated in courtooms, juvenile detention facilties and adult prisons throughout the state. 

"Unfortunately, we've used the criminal justice system to address youth behavior. We've criminalized a lot of things kids do that are part of growing up; and 30, 40, 50 years ago, they would not be arrested for most of the things that they do.

"We now have a system where the schools have become part of the pipeline, sending younger people into the criminal justice system."

"There are many parts of this issue that we have not addressed, the rate of suspension of young people from their schools. We now have babies being suspended from school."

"We really have to change the way we view children in our society."

As part of her criminal justice legislative agenda, Senator Montgomery is the proud sponsor of the "School Suspension Bill" (S3036 MONTGOMERY/A3873 Nolan) named in honor of  the late Chief Justice Kaye; which attempts to break the school-to-prison pipeline at its root by reducing suspensions and keeping students in school. The purpose of this legislation is to reverse the excessive use of suspensions, often for minor infractions. School suspensions disproportionately affects students of color and is often the gateway for children into the criminal justice sytem. The bill is supported by Advocates for Children, The Legal Aid Society, Urban Youth Collaborative, Make the Road New York, The New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children, The New York Civil Liberties Union, Advancement Project, Alliance for Quality Education, Citizen Action of New York and the YWCA of Brooklyn.

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Legislative Report with Senator Roxanne Persaud