Senator Montgomery stands with the community to oppose the proposal to rezone 142-150 South Portland Avenue.

Senator Montgomery joins Community Board 2, the Fort Greene Association, the Society for Clinton Hill, and the Citizens for Responsible Neighborhood Planning of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, neighbors and community stakeholders to oppose the proposal to rezone 142-150 South Portland Avenue.  The project and its related ULURP application would rezone parts of Fort Greene in favor of developers to allow for taller buildings and increased bulk density changes.

In her letter, Senator Montgomery notes:


In 2007, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill was rezoned in an effort to protect and preserve the predominantly brownstone character of the neighborhood’s residential core. The block in question is a part of the contextual re-zoning area. If this ULURP is approved, it will impose non-contextual height and density and open the door to further such applications in the area moving forward.

A large number of constituents have raised concerns as to why MDG Construction didn’t apply for a variance but instead applied for a rezoning which would not be limited to the proposed development site(Lots 30-33 and 37).  

My constituents have expressed that approving this application would betray the trust of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill residents who fought to acquire the contextual rezoning of 2007. 

Lastly, I am well aware of the church’s longstanding history with the Fort Greene community and the good work they have done in the area. It occurs to me that there has to be a better way for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Hanson Place to expand their community services, provide affordable housing and develop their property without rezoning the entirety of the block in question. Partnering with a reputable non-profit who specializes in developing affordable housing would be a good place to start. 

Senator Montgomery stands with the community in support of a narrower, spot rezoning that would allow for the redevelopment of the church while preserving the contextual integrity of the surrounding historic brownstone neighborhoods.  

To read Senator Montgomery's letter to the New York City Planning Commission and Borough President Eric Adams, download the PDF. 

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