Senator Montgomery votes “NO” on S. 2997A, a bill that would increase the wait time for reconsideration of a denied parole application from 2 years to 5 years.

Senator Velmanette Montgomery

May 24, 2017

Senator Montgomery comments on S.2997A

Once again, Senator Montgomery votes on S2997A, a bill that proposes to increase from twenty-four to sixty months, the time for which reconsideration for parole for a violent felony offense shall be determined.

Senator Montgomery referened the New York Times investigation of the New York State parole process last year which 'found the same problems and issues related to who gets parole and how long it takes them to have parole; has the same problems as we have in every other aspect of our criminal justice system. And that is if you are black or brown and you're in prison and you come before the Parole Board, you are more likely to be 'hit with parole', in other words denied parole.

Senator Montgomery urged the bill sponsor to “look at parole very differently, not as if it were an additional sentencing opportunity…But rather, it is an opportunity for us to seek to establish a system that rewards people for trying to change their behavior meaningfully and be removed from the criminal pathway to being one of citizens of good standing.”

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