Web Analytics Report 12/06/09 - 12/19/09

This is the bi-weekly report on the New York State Senate’s web presence. This week the website received a total of 29509 visits. It had a bounce rate of 47%, higher than its long term average of 40%, and new visitors 74% of the time, higher than the long term average of 65%. The all time graph at the bottom of the first page continues to show that the Marriage Equality debate garnered unprecedented attention for nysenate.gov and demonstrates the potential for online public engagement.

The live webcasting has drawn nearly 500,000 views since its adoption and the archived footage has followed that growth very closely. This reflects a return to a the week-over-week increase observed prior to marriage Equality.. The views of short clips on the NYSenate Youtube account have now slightly surpassed total views on Livestream, largely due to the viral after effects of the Marriage Equality debate, with the most popular video for the past 2 weeks consistently being “NYS Senate Diane Savino speaks on the marriage Equality bill”. NYSenateUncut videos, however, are about 19 times less watched than short clips on NYSenate.

Facebook analytics were unavailable for this week. However, the Senators engaging on Twitter continued to grow their followings and are now reaching a combined 8376 people through that medium. The NYSenate account itself currently reaches 2795 people through its Twitter account.

Below, you can download both the PDF of the report and the raw data used to generate it.