Web Analytics Report 6/20/10 - 7/3/10

This is the bi-weekly report on the New York State Senate’s web presence. Last week the website received a total of 95740 visits, more than a 8,000 visit increase over last the last report. It had a bounce rate of 50% a large increase and higher than the long term average of 42%. The website had new visitors 58% of the time, less than in last report and less than the long term average of 66%. The continuation of this high level of attention is likely linked to the delayed budget.

The live webcasting of session has drawn 678084, a jump again of nearly 4,000 visits. This is almost definitely related to the budget proceedings. Archived footage has followed that growth with an increase of about 5000 visits to land at 605842 views. The short clips on the NYSenate Youtube account are about 10 times more watched than the full videos of session and events posted on the nysenateuncut account.

The number of Senators using join social media platforms such as Facebook remained the same with 5 new Twitter accounts being added to nysenate.gov since the last report. Using social media the Senators now reach a total of 24110 people through Facebook, using accounts linked to NYSenate.gov and 12757 through Twitter accounts linked to NYSenate.gov. The NYSenate account itself currently reaches over 3900 people through it’s Twitter account.

For real-time analytics, as well as replays of the last week or month from Chartbeat please visit http://chartbeat.com/dashboard/?url=nysenate.gov&k=2148a081ba25447037482d364b787d6e.

These real time analytics show how many people are on the website at a given moment, whether they are filling out a form, reading material or are idle. It can also gauge how popular a given piece of content is site-wide at a particular time. Because of it's real-time tracking Chartbeat can also gather information about website performance and there is no waiting for data.