Web Analytics Report 8/30/09 - 9/5/09

NYSenate.gov and Internet Analytics Office of the CIO
for 8/30/09 - 9/5/09

The information below shows the status of the New York Senateʼs web presence as well as an overview of how, in general, of how the Senate is engaging across Social Media.

The website has been experiencing a healthy amount of traffic even though the average level of visits has declined since session finished. The most obvious trend is the peaking of visits during the week and the lulls that occur over the weekend. In Social Media, many Senators have been growing their networks on Twitter and Facebook and have found attention through the most popular, most emailed and most linked sections of nysenate.gov. The online video has also been popular. The live streaming channel has accrued over 1 million viewer minutes watched and both YouTube channels have garnered thousands of views.

Through Crowdsourcing the Senate has engaged constituents and garnered several ideas and thousands of votes.

Internally, the CIOʼs office has been keeping on pace with itʼs development cycle. Nearly 60% of all new features currently requested have been implemented and 70% of all bugs reported have already been fixed. Over 80% of all requests for support have been addressed.

Please direct all feedback to ciodesk@senate.state.ny.us