Where are they now?: Dave Thoman -- 2010-11 Biggane Fellow

March 13, 2013

1. When did you participate in the Undergraduate Session Assistants Program or Senate Fellowship?


2. Which Senate office were you placed in during your internship?

Senate Finance

3. Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your fellowship office placement.

I came into the Finance Committee when the Republicans had retaken control of the Senate. We were staffing up during session, and the low staff numbers required a jack-of-all-trades approach – I would serve as support staff, help reconcile project information, and assist the analyst on Energy, Environment, and Agriculture.

4. Where are you working now? Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your current place of employment.

My current position is largely an extension of prior work, although my issue areas have morphed to the Agriculture, Education, and Judicial budgets. I am responsible for responding to Member’s office regarding budgetary questions, working with outside groups to develop new policy ideas, and providing any analysis that is requested.

5. What did you learn from participating in the New York State Senate fellowship program that you have been able to carry over to your new position?

It’s important to be a self-starter and be able to offer new ideas or approaches, although it’s also critical to properly vet them. A large part of any job is often showing up – being able to put in the hours and effort required of this office  is the first step. Deciphering budget language is the second. Keeping things in perspective is the last.