Where are they now?: Tatyana Selyuzhitskaya -- 2011 Session Assistant

September 05, 2012

1. When did you participate in the Undergraduate Session Assistants Program or Senate Fellowship?

I participated in the Undergraduate Session Assistants Program in Spring 2011.

2. Which Senate office were you placed in during your internship?

I was placed in Senator Joseph A. Griffo’s office for the internship.

3. Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your internship office placement.

My day-to-day responsibilities included assisting with general office duties such as answering phones, filing and interacting with Senator Griffo’s constituents.  The day-to-day activities always varied in the office so pitching in and helping in any way was a great way to learn and be part of the office staff.  I also drafted bill and voting summaries for Senator Griffo’s Committee meetings which I was also able to attend.  My favorite part of the internship was that I was able to attend Session in the Senate Chamber to witness the entire legislative process. 

 4. Where are you working now? Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your current place of employment.

I am currently employed as an Assistant Coordinator for Senate Majority Conference Services.  I work directly with New York State Senate Majority offices to help them with their constituent communication programs and community events.  This includes organizing and assisting with Tele-town halls, designing and writing mail pieces, as well as tracking and coordinating outreach efforts.  It’s an exciting atmosphere, where day-to-day activities vary and every day brings new challenges.

5. What did you learn from participating in the New York State Senate internship programs that you have been able to carry over to your new position?

The opportunity to participate in the New York State Senate internship program helped me transition into my new position as an Assistant Coordinator.  There were numerous things that I learned about the legislative process and the day-to-day aspects of working in a Member’s office that help me every day in this new position.  I have found that working in a professional setting and seeing the hard work that goes into the daily operations of the New York State Legislature, helps our Member’s to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their constituents.  Looking back, there is no doubt that the tools and experience I developed during my internship, as well as the networking opportunities it provided me, have been extremely valuable to me at my current position.