DNA Info: NY State Senate Passes Bill Sponsored by Sen. Espaillat to Crack Down on "nutcracker" drinks

Adriano Espaillat

June 08, 2011

June 1, 2011

By Andrea Swalec

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

UPPER MANHATTAN —Businesses selling fruity alcohol drinks to minors are facing stiffer fines and longer jail sentences after an Upper Manhattan-led crackdown.

State Senator Adriano Espaillat, who represents Washington Heights and Inwood, sponsored a New York State Senate bill which seeks to crack down on the fruity booze, known as "nutcrackers."

It was passed Monday.

"Study after study has demonstrated that alcohol and minors simply do not mix," Sen. Espaillat said in a press release.

"The dangers of alcohol consumption for minors are even worse when they are sold sugary, colorful alcoholic beverages that are easy to drink but deceptively intoxicating."

Nutcrackers combine hard liquor — often whiskey, rum and vodka — with sugary fruit juices, Kool-Aid and sometimes even candy like Jolly Ranchers.

The illicit booze is often sold from bodegas, barbershops, coolers on sidewalks and the back of vans throughout the city, Captain Jose Navarro of the 34th Precinct told DNAinfo. 

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