NY Daily News: Senator Espaillat calls for better notification process after slow response to raw sewage spilling into the hudson

Adriano Espaillat

July 28, 2011

State Sen. Espaillat Blasts City For Slow Notification After Massive Sewage Dump In Hudson River


July 27

State Sen. Adriano Espaillat and dozens of environmental activists blasted the city today for waiting too long to notify local residents about millions of gallons of sewage dumped into the Hudson after a major fire in a treatment plant last week.

"The notification process wasn't shabby -- it was horrible," the Manhattan Democrat said in Harlem, with the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant behind him. A four-alarm fire shut down the plant last Wednesday, forcing the city to pump about 200 million gallons of raw sewage into the Hudson.

"New York water needs to be off-limits to raw sewage, period," Espaillat added.

Even as he spoke, a strong breeze off the river blew a nasty whiff of sewage odor over the crowd.


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