Journal News: Superconductor summit at Westchester Community College could get business flowing

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

November 17, 2010

VALHALLA — Move over, Silicon Valley.

Those in the business of superconductors are looking to make New York into the new Superconductor Valley.

So what exactly are superconductors?

Superconductors are materials that feature no resistance to the flow of electricity, thereby offering a significant boost to performance as well as economic and environmental benefits.

On Friday, Westchester Community College hosted the first-ever New York State Superconductor Technology Summit: Cultivating Economic Growth From Within the Empire State, attracting a mix of businesses, researchers, students and political leaders.

"Superconductors here in this district in New York could really be the growth industry bringing jobs, bringing new technologies, bringing the production of energy-efficient products," said Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers, who helped to arrange the event. "We will be seeing what we can do to promote this technology and become leaders for the nation."

The summit offered a mix of practical advice for students as well as expert insights for those in the field — even if many of those details went over people's heads.

One undercurrent to the summit was the need for greater government funding and regulatory support for a technology that will celebrate its centennial in 2011…

Journal News – (11/13/2010)

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