Flat Stanley Visits Senator Lanza In Albany

Andrew J Lanza

April 14, 2008

Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. In the story, Stanley is flattened, but not hurt, by a bulliten board while he is sleeping. His parents take advantage of his flattened condition and mail him, in an envelope, to California, to visit a friend.

Each student in the first grade class selected someone to entertain their very own Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley visited State Senator Andrew Lanza from Staten Island! He met him in Albany, the Capitol of New York State.

He was in the Senate Chamber and watched the 2008-09 New York State Budget being passed. The budget was more than $124 Billion dollars - Wow!

Flat Stanley had his picture taken in front of the historic Senate clock and he held the Senate gavel which is used to call Session to order.

He met Senate Majority Lead Joe Bruno and even sat in his chair!

Its true what they say, the Senate Chamber is the State’s prettiest room.

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