Governor Paterson signs Lanza's Bill to renamie Staten Island's Institute for Basic Research tower

Andrew J Lanza

July 30, 2009

Governor David Paterson has signed legislation sponsored by two Staten Island lawmakers to rename a tower on the grounds of the Institute for Basic Research, Willowbrook, after a former director.

The tower at IBR's administrative building will now be called the Dr. Henryk Wisniewski Tower in honor of the long-serving director who died a decade ago.

A formal renaming ceremony will be held later this year.


Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Mid-Island) and state Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) co-sponsored the bill.

"Naming IBRs administrative building tower after Dr. Wisniewski, who is considered a pioneer of modern Alzheimers disease, is a tribute to his accomplishments in the advancement of pathological research relating to dementia," said Lanza.

"Dr. Wisniewski dedicated his entire life to his work researching the treatment and prevention of a variety of developmental disabilities, including Alzheimers and autism." said Cusick. "He was a giant in the field of science."

-- Contributed by Judy L. Randall