Lanza Continues His Fight To Bring Gas Relief To New Yorkers

Andrew J Lanza

September 10, 2008

Senator Andrew Lanza (R – Staten Island) today continued his fight to bring gas relief to New Yorkers by introducing legislation that would reduce taxes on gasoline sales. Senate Bill S.8758 reduces the Petroleum Business Tax and State Sales Tax on qualified motor fuel and diesel motor fuel by half.

“Record high prices at the pump coupled with higher costs on everyday items like milk, bread and eggs are making it more difficult for middle-class families to make ends meet,” Lanza said. “The Legislature must take action and do all it can to provide relief from these skyrocketing costs.”

“The cost of motor fuel in the State of New York is consistently higher than the average for the states in the Northeast. This bill would reduce taxes on motor fuel to bring prices more in line with those that are paid by consumers in other neighboring states,” said Lanza.

Lanza had also introduced and passed legislation in the Senate that would have eliminated the New York State tax on gasoline from Memorial Day to Labor Day but the Assembly refused to pass the measure. Lanza also authored legislation which would provide a $100 rebate check to New York State residents who have a registered motor vehicle.