Lanza Partners With Richmond Engine Company #1 To Give Out Free Smoke Detectors

Andrew J Lanza

July 21, 2008

If you would like to request a free smoke detector, or if you are interested in volunteering please contact the Richmond Engine Company:

Phone: 1-718-351-0252
Address: 3664 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, New York

History of the Richmond Engine Company’s 100 Years Of Service

For more than 100 years Richmond Town has been their home. The Firehouse is located at the corner of Richmond Road and St Patrick's Place. The fleet has 1 engine, a 2005 American LaFrance. Richmond Engine Company #1 has been serving the community and abroad since 1903. The company formed because a young child was killed in a fire in Richmond Town.

Since the early-to-mid 1940's the company has been dispatched by the F.D.N.Y. communications center on Staten island. The response area consists of over 140 assigned alarm boxes from the New York City Fire Department. The district covered is a radius of about 5-6 miles, most of which consists of Private Dwellings, Taxpayers, and Multiple Dwellings. They also help protect the Staten Island Mall, schools, businesses and the Blue & Green Belt.

When a call goes through the members in the area are notified by a pager system, and they also have air horns attached to their roof. The company responds to Both Ems & Fire Runs and the members have gone to 180 hrs of the fire academy and are Certified by the state. The members also have Certified First Responder or New York State EMT Certificates.

The Richmond Engine Company likes to help out the community any which way they can, by hosting many parties and participating in many community events including the Richmond County Fair and a toy collection for terminally ill, and less fortunate children during the holiday season.

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