Re-gifting For A Good Cause

Andrew J Lanza

October 29, 2007

Throughout the year we will all be receiving that certain gift that we either will never use or already have.

If we don't spend hours on that return line this gift will sit in a closet or a drawer until it is finally thrown out when we do our Spring cleaning.

Where to Turn and Put It Above Ground would like to give you another option.

Donate your unwanted gift and we will make sure it gets to someone who could use it.

Toys will be given to local hospitals or shipped to needy children in Mississippi or Louisiana as part oftheir adopt a school program.

Clothes will also be sent where needed.

Things that fall into that "other" category will bestored for a major flea market in the Spring. All proceeds from the flea market will go to cover shipping costs for our various relief programs.

If you would like to participate all you need to do is ship the gift or drop it off at:

Where to Turn
150-L Greaves Lane # 312
Staten Island, NY 10308


Senator Lanza's District Office
3845 Richmond Ave., Suite 2A
Staten Island, NY 10312