Senate Passes Property Tax Rebate

Andrew J Lanza

June 08, 2007

The New York State Senate passed legislation (S.5766-A), cosponsored by Senator Andrew Lanza (R - Staten Island), that provides one, two and three-family homeowners, and cooperative and condominium owners who live in their homes with a $400 property tax rebate.

This measure, proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, required action by the New York State Legislature and passed both houses on Thursday, June 7. The $400 rebate will put $250 million back into the pockets of hardworking City homeowners who have sacrificed the most in recent years. It will also stimulate the City's economy, help small businesses, and create jobs.

"The people living in Staten Island are being taxed right out of their homes," said Senator Lanza. "Working families and senior citizens are overburdened by the unfair tax rates in the City of New York. This $400 rebate will help by putting some of their own hard earned money back into their pockets."

The Senate has also passed legislation to significantly expand the State’s property tax relief rebate. Senator Lanza will continue working with his colleagues in the Senate as well as with Mayor Bloomberg, to put more money back into the hands of the city’s hardworking, overburdened taxpayers.