Senator Andrew Lanza Introduces Legislation Designating Staten Island The 'borough Of Parks'

Andrew J Lanza

February 26, 2007

Senator Andrew Lanza (R - Staten Island) today introduced legislation that would formally recognize Staten Island as the ‘Borough of Parks’.

Staten Island, which has over 7,400 acres of parkland, contains 25% of the City’s total parkland. It has 62 playgrounds and over 60 ball fields.

Senator Lanza said, "Staten Island is unique in that it has more park space than any of the boroughs in the City of New York. It is home to some of the City’s most beautiful parks and open spaces. This official title would emphasize that which we cherish and seek to preserve."

Senator Lanza concluded, "There is something in a name."

The bill is carried by in the Assembly by Assemblyman Michael Cusick.

Assemblyman Cusick said, "I am happy to join with Senator Lanza in sponsorship of legislation designating the borough of Staten Island to be formally recognized as the ‘Borough of Parks.’ The protection of open space and natural resources and the continued preservation of parkland, wildlife and scenery is what makes our borough unique. Our forefathers made sure that this land remained protected for future generations. It is only fitting that we officially recognize our parks in statute."