Senator Andrew Lanza Says "no" To Higher Taxes

Andrew J Lanza

March 22, 2007

Dear Friend,

I wanted to let you know that I voted for the Senate budget bill which provides more tax relief than the budgets proposed by the Governor and the Assembly. It is the only budget that rejects more than $800 million in new and increased taxes and fees on business proposed by the Governor. It is the only budget plan that cuts taxes on businesses to create new jobs and strengthen our economy and help small businesses succeed and grow in New York.

I know that the tax burden on Staten Island families and businesses is too high. I promised to come to Albany to fight for tax relief and I am keeping that promise.

Rather than taking more money from taxpayers for the government to spend, the Senate budget provides greater tax relief and rejects new taxes. It’s not the government’s money to spend, that’s why we are giving taxpayers more of their money back so they can decide how to spend it on their families or invest in their businesses and in our economy.

The property tax relief in the Senate budget would be given directly to the hardworking, overburdened taxpayers of New York as a check from the government, the same as income tax refund checks, which do not count as government spending. You give money back to the taxpayers so they can spend and invest it, rather than the government.

For more information on the Senate budget proposal, click here.



State Senator