Senator Lanza And Assemblyman Tobacco Call Upon New York To Cut All State Aid To Columbia University

Andrew J Lanza

September 24, 2007

In light of Columbia University’s decision to welcome Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a self proclaimed enemy of the United States, Columbia University should not receive financial aid from the taxpayers of New York. This year, Columbia University received $3.1 million under the Aid for Independent Colleges and Universities program, also known as Bundy Aid. Columbia is also set to receive $4.8 million in state capital funds through the Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program.

"New York taxpayers should not be forced to give money to an institution which is giving aid and comfort to an enemy, to a state leader who supports terrorists attacks against the people of the United States and who is bent on destroying the United States simply because of our beliefs," said Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island).

"Ahmadinejad has dedicated himself to spewing hatred against Christians and Jews, and supports the Islamic fundamentalist war which has been declared against both the United States and Israel. Ahmadinejad has stated that the Holocaust did not occur, which of course we all know simply means that he condones that it did occur. This is fully consistent with what seems to be his mission to destroy America because of our religious freedoms," Senator Lanza stated.

"This is not about speech. It is about whether taxpayers’ dollars should be used to give aid and comfort to an enemy of our country at a time when we are engaged in a war to defend ourselves from the very destruction which that enemy seeks to advance. Clearly New York taxpayers should not be forced to aid in their own destruction. Columbia University is clearly acting in a manner which is contrary and harmful to public interests. It is for these reasons that we call for the elimination of taxpayer aid to Columbia University, a private institution, and one which has rolled out the red carpet to one of America’s most determined enemies during a time of war. We call upon all elected officials to join us in this action and condemn Columbia University’s decision which might threaten the future security of America," concluded Senator Lanza.