Senator Lanza Announces New Law Commemorating March 29 As Vietnam Veterans’ Day

Andrew J Lanza

May 27, 2008

Senator Lanza is happy to report that:  A day to remember with gratitude, the sacrifice and service of our Vietnam Veterans, in now the law of the State.


            Governor David A. Paterson, on May 27, 2008, signed into law a bill authored and introduced by Senator Lanza which designates March 29 every year henceforth as Vietnam Veterans' Day in the State of New York. Chapter 90 of  the Laws of New York will recognize the sacrifices of our Vietnam War Veterans. Assemblyman Matthew Titone sponsored the bill in the Assembly and lead the way for its passage there.

            Nearly 35 years ago, on March 29, 1973, the last 2,500 troops were withdrawn from South Vietnam thus ending military involvement in what is now the longest war in our Nation’s history. Due to the unpopularity of this war, the men and women who survived, and the 58,195 brave souls who fought and died, were never given the proper respect and gratitude they deserved for serving their country. Of the names listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, 4,120 are from the Great State of New York.

            “American soldiers fought in the Vietnam with honor, distinction and heroism,” said Senator Lanza. “Despite their military victories on the field, the war was ultimately lost because of the lack of political and popular support back home.”

            “The veterans who served bravely in Vietnam were not properly recognized upon their return, a mistreatment that represents a shameful chapter in our history,” continued Senator Lanza. “This law will help the people of New York to rewrite that wrong and properly memorialize our gratitude for their service and sacrifice.”

            “I want to again thank Lester Modelowitz (Specialist Fourth Class, US Army) who served in Vietnam, and all of Staten Island’s Vietnam veterans for their service and leadership with respect to bringing this legislation forward,” said Lanza.

            This bill was sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Matthew Titone. “Honoring our nation’s veterans and remembering those who died in conflict is an important tradition, and no one can deny the incredible  sacrifices made by our country’s men and women who fought bravely in  Vietnam,” said Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-North Shore). “Those  veterans, and those who died in the war, deserve to be recognized for  their selfless dedication. In all other wars the men and women who  served in our armed forces were honored both when they went to war and when they came home, something which was denied those who served in Vietnam. This legislation helps to right a wrong.”