Senator Lanza Announces Vital Agreement With Hhc For Staten Island

Andrew J Lanza

June 26, 2007

The New York State Senate has passed legislation, S.3443, sponsored by Senator Andrew Lanza (R - Staten Island), which would require the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation to spend a minimum of 10% of its budget on acute care and emergency room facilities in each borough.

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Act was adopted in 1969 to deliver care and treatment to those physically and mentally ill, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of New York. HHC currently has at least 20 facilities under its jurisdiction. Staten Island, a borough of nearly 500,000 people representing six-percent of the City's population, has not a single NYC HHC hospital to meet the needs of the residents. The private facilities on Staten Island simply cannot handle the growing population on Staten Island without additional resources. Requiring the City to spend at least ten percent of its budget in each borough would help Staten Island expand their emergency rooms and improve the medical care its residents have access to. The legislation also mandates that at least one of the members of the HHC reside in each Borough. While that is the current makeup of the Board, there is nothing currently in place to mandate such a requirement.

HHC has agreed to increase spending on Staten Island by 400%, providing $15 million to implement the following initiatives:

Implementation of Mobile Medical Services Van which will serve Staten Island residents throughout the borough. Scope of services will be preventative and primary care.

Enhance existing Breast Cancer Screening Access Van for residents throughout Staten Island by providing funding operating costs of WON screening van. A minimum of 4,400 breast screenings will be provided

Establish the 2nd Community Health Center of Richmond Site

Establish HHC sponsored specialty services clinics at 155 Vanerbilt Ave. Services configuration to be determined . Explore full Diagnostic and Treatment Center Designation from SDOH

Establish 3rd clinic of Community Health Center of Richmond in South Shore Area

"It is known that Staten Island has been shortchanged by HHC in the past when they should be providing quality health care services equitably in all five boroughs," said Senator Lanza. "This agreement will boost the funding Staten Island receives to record levels, and will provide our borough with long overdue resources to protect the health of our residents. Although I am pleased with the progress we have made thus far, there is more work to be done both legislatively, and through negotiation."