Senator Lanza Introduces Legislation Making Internet Impersonation A Crime

Andrew J Lanza

April 05, 2007

Senator Andrew Lanza (R - Staten Island) has introduced legislation, (S.4053), that would make Internet impersonation a crime under New York State’s penal law.

Recently, with the frequent use of the Internet by persons of all ages, impersonation has become an increasingly large problem. Many cases have been identified where perpetrators gain access into another persons account and pose as them through the use of online communications. "Their intentions can range from harassment to identity theft. The problem of Internet impersonation is intensifying with the growing availability of personal data online, as well as the increase in social networking and dating sites," said Senator Lanza.

"Internet impersonators are increasingly finding ways to defraud and victimize people," he continued. "We must address the growing danger posed by Internet impersonators by passing this law."

The bill has been sent to the Senate Codes Committee.