Senator Lanza Rejects Governor’s Health Care Cuts

Andrew J Lanza

March 15, 2007



Senator Lanza voted yesterday to reject massive health care cuts proposed by Governor Spitzer in his Executive Budget. These cuts, unanimously supported by the Senate Minority, would have taken more than $1.2 billion from hospitals and nursing homes across the State.

"The Governor’s Budget cuts would jeopardize the quality of health care on Staten Island," said Senator Andrew Lanza (R - Staten Island). "The Senate Majority’s budget plan puts patients first and prevents devastating health care cuts that would put patients at risk. Health care providers on Staten are already understaffed and underpaid. We cannot afford the cuts in the Governor’s Budget."

Below is the local impact of Governor Spitzer’s health care budget cuts:

Total Impact of Governor’s Cuts on Local Hospitals - $15,795,000
Staten Island University Hospital - All Divisions - $15,795,000

Total Impact of Governor’s Cuts on Local Nursing Homes - $ 11,278,000
Carmel Richmond Nursing Home, Inc. - $1,460,000
Clove Lakes Health Care and Rehab. Center, Inc. - $3,161,000
Eger Health Care and Rehab. Center - $2,187,000
Golden Gate Health Care Center - $778,000
Sea View Hospital , Rehabilitation Center, and Home - $2,433,000
Silver Lake Specialized Care Center - $967,000
Verrazano Nursing Home - $292, 000 

"Staten Island’s hospitals and nursing homes are virtually on life support as it is -- these cuts would pull the plug. I promised to fight for more money for our hospitals and nursing homes. I intend to keep that promise," Senator Lanza concluded.