Staten Island Legislators Team Up To Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

Andrew J Lanza

November 30, 2007

With the cost of home heating this winter expected to reach record high levels due to rising energy costs, Senator Andrew Lanza (24th District), Assemblyman Lou Tobacco (62nd District) and City Councilman Vincent Ignizio (51st District) are calling on the New

York City Council to pass legislation that would eliminate the tax on home heating fuel.

Lanza said, "With the temperature dropping, the cost to heat our homes will soar to unprecedented levels this winter. The high price of oil and gas is made worse by the City tax slapped on top. Talk is cheap. To reduce the skyrocketing cost of hoe heating this winter, the tax must be eliminated."

Tobacco said, "It is important to provide homeowners and tenants with an energy tax break in order to offset the rising costs associated with home heating. Many seniors and working families’ budgets are already spread thin due to the rising cost of fuel and I am hopeful that by providing tax breaks for home heating, we can reduce the need for individuals to look at alternative and often times dangerous means to heat their homes."

Ignizio said, "We do not want to bring this situation to the point where anyone on a fixed income, least not seniors, has to cut back on food and provisions to afford their heating bills. Tis' the season for giving, and the city and state governments have a great opportunity to do so."

If passed, the legislation would reduce or eliminate the local sales tax on residential energy sources, which include fuel oil, coal, wood, propane, natural gas, electricity and steam saving New York City residents nearly $300 million this year. In 2006, the New York State Senate and Assembly passed legislation that allowed the city to eliminate or reduce the city’s tax on fuel from 4 percent. Unfortunately, the City Council has yet to act on this legislation.

In addition to providing New York City homeowners and tenants with short-term relief from the high cost of home heating, the legislation also promotes the use of alternative energy in order to provide more long-term relief from rising energy costs.

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