Constituents make it clear at rally they don't want Congressman-elect George Santos seated

John Dias

December 29, 2022

Originally published in CBS New York on December 29, 2022.

MINEOLA, N.Y. -- Congressman-elect George Santos is continuing to face mounting pressure to step down, even before he is set to be sworn in next week, after admitting to lying on his resume.

The Long Island Republican is already facing a federal investigation into his finances, and now constituents and political opponents say he should not be seated. That was the unwavering message at a rally in Mineola, out of Congressional District 3, on Thursday.

Demonstrators said not only should there be an investigation, there should be a special election and someone who they say they can trust should represent the area.

Dozens of constituents and people who don't even live in the district showed up at the Nassau County Courthouse to let their voiced be heard. Democrat Robert Zimmerman, Santos' former opponent, was also there, along with other politicians.

They've been calling Santos a national embarrassment and say this is sending an awful message that you can lie, and get ahead, after the 34-year-old recently admitted to fabricating his resume and background, including his heritage.

"Our community has been victimized and we demand accountability," state Sen. Anna Kaplan said. "George Santos must be investigated by all appropriate authorities."

"We were bamboozled, absolutely lied to, and we don't want this representation in District 3," constituent Maria Coakley said.

"He falsified everything in order to get the votes. This isn't a Democrat issue. This isn't a Republican issue. This is an issue for the entirety of N.Y.-3 and, honestly, the entirety of New York and the country," Julia Limmer added.

Despite intensifying doubt about Santos' fitness to represent the people of the district, he has shown no signs of stepping aside.

However, CBS News sources say prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York are now looking into Santos' finances, including financial disclosure filings.

All of this is happening as strong bonds within the Long Island Republican Party have seemingly weakened, with many representatives now reprimanding Santos, but falling short of saying he should step down.