New law requires NY museums to acknowledge art stolen under Nazis

Pilar Arias

August 21, 2022

Originally published in Fox News on August 21, 2022.

New York museums are now required to post a notice with the display of any art stolen during the Nazi era in Europe.

The new state law passed this month is part of a "legislative package to honor and support Holocaust survivors in educational, cultural and financial institutions," a news release says. 

"During World War II, the Nazis looted some 600,000 paintings from Jews, enriching the Third Reich and eliminating all vestiges of Jewish identity and culture," the release from the state's Department of Financial Services says.

"Today, artwork previously stolen by the Nazis can be found hanging in museums around New York with no recognition of the dark paths they traveled there," State Senator Anna M. Kaplan is quoted saying. "With the history of the Holocaust being so important to pass on to the next generation, it's vital that we be transparent and ensure that anyone viewing artwork stolen by the Nazis understand where it came from and its role in history."  

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