Queens District Attorney is third prosecutor's office looking into George Santos

Eyewitness News

December 29, 2022

Originally published in ABC 7 on December 29, 2022.

QUEENS (WABC) -- A third prosecutor's office said Thursday it would be looking into U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos after revelations surfaced that the now-embattled Republican lied about his heritage, education and professional pedigree as he campaigned for office.

The Queens District Attorney's office is reviewing whether any crimes were committed, a spokesperson said.

"While as a matter of course we do not comment on open investigations, we are reviewing whether Queens County has jurisdiction over any potential criminal offenses," the spokesperson said.

New York's Third Congressional District, which Santos will represent if he is sworn in, encompasses northeastern Queens along with parts of Nassau County.

Federal prosecutors and the Nassau County District Attorney's office are also looking into some of Santos' claims.

Thursday morning, a group of bipartisan protesters gathered outside of the Nassau County Courthouse to demand Republican House leadership open an investigation into Santos.

"We not only don't want to be represented by any clown in local government, in state government, but especially not in our nation's capital," State Assemblyman Charles Lavine said.

Democrats are pointing the finger at the Nassau County GOP for ignoring red flags raised before the election.

"They were brushed aside and minimized by local Republicans desperate to flip this congressional seat at any cost," State Senator Anna Kaplan said.

ABC News' has also learned that during his first congressional run in 2020, Santos said on his campaign website that he attended the elite school Horace Mann, but due to financial difficulties, his family was unable to have him continue to attend.

ABC's Aaron Katersky confirmed with a spokesperson for the school that Santos never attended.

ABC is also aware of the discrepancies surrounding Santos' mother's death.

Santos said his mother was working in the south tower on 9/11 and survived but died a few years later.

But in a tweet from 2021 on December 23rd, Santos said the date marked the five-year anniversary of her death, which would have placed it in 2016. ABC is working to obtain her death certificate.