Fort William Henry distillery gets Legislature's go ahead

Betty Little

June 21, 2013

Plans to establish a local distillery at the Fort William Henry in Lake George moved ahead today with passage of legislation in the State Assembly and Senate.


The legislation, sponsored by Senator Betty Little and Assemblyman Dan Stec, would authorize the New York State Liquor Authority to issue a distiller’s license to the Fort William Henry Corporation.


“Craft breweries and distilleries continue to grow in popularity,” said Senator Betty Little.  “Many are using locally grown products.  That appeals to people who not only appreciate the craft, but want to support local farmers and prefer to know where their food, or in this case beverage, is coming from.


This legislation allows for the expansion of an existing local business,” said Assemblyman Dan Stec.  “I believe this is a benefit to the region and is the kind of work I went to Albany to do.  I'm happy this is among the first bills I was able to get passed in my first year in the Assembly.”


In addition to the license to distill, the proposed law enables the Fort William Henry to sell its spirits on site as well as to bottle and sell at wholesale.


Because the bill passed the Assembly first, it returns to that house before being sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his consideration.