Little, County Clerks Cheer License Plate Reversal

Betty Little

November 16, 2009

Senator Betty Little is pictured with Warren County Clerk Pam Vogel on the West Capitol Park steps in Albany on Monday, November 16.

Vogel, Essex County Clerk Joe Provoncha and more than a dozen county clerks from across the State were in the State's Capital to applaud the reversal of a plan that would have required all motorists to buy new license plates next April.

A statewide petition drive and public outcry has led to the reversal.  Senator Little voted against the ill-conceived plan which was included in this year's budget.

"This is a big victory for motorists," said Little.  "Especially Upstate, given our reliance on our cars and trucks to get around.  This was really a sort of ‘nickel and dime’ idea.  The license plates we have now are fine, no need to replace them.  Requiring everyone to get new license plates was simply a scheme to squeeze more money out of residents.

"I give our county clerks a lot of credit for turning this around.  They are on the front line with the driving public.  Recognizing the absurdity of requiring people to buy new plates when they are not needed, they pushed back and got a lot of attention."

Little said it is important to keep pressure up to ensure the plan dies before next April.