Harlem Residents Rally Against Alleged Police Racism

Bill Perkins

July 24, 2008

Dozens of Harlem locals denounced the incident as racist.

State Senator Bill Perkins reported the incident to police Tuesday.

Perkins said he does not believe the claim that the officers didn't know it was there and dismissed suggestions that someone in the neighborhood might have placed it there as a prank.

"That is what you call a classic case of blaming the victim,” said Perkins. “A classic case of being dismissive about an offense that would in other circumstances warrant the dismissal of a police officer."

"When you talk about the young people that are here today, and the message that is being sent to them when they see this,” said Manhattan Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, “and they see the lack of serious attention that is given by the city, is not really something I want to be party to."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday that the NYPD is doing an internal investigation, which includes looking at surveillance video to see if it can be determined who put the doll head on the antenna.