Senator Perkins Calls On Governor Cuomo To Do Right By The Current Small, Local, Longstanding Minority-Owned Businesses At 121 West 125th Street

Bill Perkins

January 10, 2014

This Wednesday, as Governor Cuomo presented his “State of the State” Address, Senator Bill Perkins delivered an equally important message from the good people of Senate District 30 to the Governor: 

"Exercise your power as Chief Executive to ensure that the current small, local, longstanding minority-owned businesses at 121 West 125th Street—who believed and invested in our Harlem community when no one else would—are allowed to grow alongside the National Urban League in the proposed Land Use Improvement and Civic Project.” 

This letter and the petition drive that has accompanies it, has resulted in hundreds of local Harlem residents making one thing exceptionally clear:  and project that promises empowerment and revitalization must not sacrifice the lives and livelihood of the pioneers who painstakingly paved the way for it; quite the opposite—it should embrace them and treat them as true partners.

Senator Perkins will continue his steadfast advocacy on behalf of these community cornerstones and will always work to ensure that redevelopment projects embrace--not displace--those who have called Harlem home for generations.