Youth Leadership Summit

Bill Perkins

July 18, 2008

The recent rise in gun violence has shocked us all, and we, as a community, must join together to stop the violence and ensure that our youth prosper. I believe that the youth themselves should play a critical role in the fight against violence.

With the help of youth leadership and connections in our community, it is our hope that we can reach a diverse population of youth leaders to attend a Youth Leadership Summit Luncheon on August 16th.

These leaders will be working with other youth leaders from around the city to identify, discuss, and attempt to solve pertinent issues to the community -- issues concerning violence, poverty, and education. Leaders may include, but not limited to; sports team captains, presidents of club, school classes, worship groups, local community and block captains and programs in which youth have taken a leadership role.

This summit is the first step in the process of helping our community heal itself of the problems that plague it.

For any further information on this Youth Leadership Summit I encourage you to contact Keith Lilly in my district office at (212) 222-7315.