Sen. Brian X. Foley Leads Reform Efforts

Brian X. Foley

January 20, 2009

Casts first vote to bring transparency and fairness to the Senate

Albany, NY – Senator Brian X. Foley used his first vote in the State Senate as an opportunity to bring historic reform to the Senate.  Foley joined his colleagues in the Senate majority to usher in a new era of accountability and transparency to the Senate by passing legislation that reforms the rules and administration of the Senate.

The groundbreaking legislation Foley helped pass will take substantive steps towards delivering a government that is open, more productive, accountable, and equitable. As a result of this reform, Senate meetings will be more transparent and encourage greater debate from members of both parties. The new rules, enacted on the first day of legislative session to underscore the majority’s commitment to reform, will permit full debate to discharge bills from committees, record committee votes, and allow members in the minority a bigger say in the law making process.

In addition, a new legislative committee will be established whose sole purpose will be to come up with reform recommendations to be adopted by the Senate. In a departure from norms of the past, the committee will be co-chaired by one Republican and one Democrat.

“Voters elected us to bring accountability and openness to our government,” said Foley. “Passing this important reform legislation will fundamentally alter the way we do business in the Senate.”

No stranger to fighting for reform, Foley brings to the Senate a record of cleaning up government and delivering results. When he took over as Brookhaven Town Supervisor, the town was infamous for years of corruption and mismanagement. In just two years as Supervisor, Foley cut a $15 million deficit, got the town its highest bond rating ever, and saved taxpayers $10 million through innovative economic policies.  Because of his hard work, Brookhaven now has the lowest town tax rate in Suffolk County and is the only town on Long Island to hold the line on taxes in 2009.

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“New Yorkers deserve a government that’s responsive, efficient, and transparent,” said Foley. “I’m privileged to be a part of this reform team that delivers for working families in Suffolk County and throughout New York State.”