Carl L Marcellino

December 30, 2014


             Senator Carl L. Marcellino announced today that the Governor  Cuomo signed into law his  legislation that will require all restaurant and commercial properties in New York State to install a carbon monoxide detecting device.

            In February of 2014, a carbon monoxide leak tragically killed a Long Island restaurant manager, Steven Nelson, and sickened nearly 30 people at Legal Sea Foods at the Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington Station. The carbon monoxide poisoning came from a malfunctioning water heater flue pipe in the basement of the establishment.

             “Unfortunately, too often it takes a tragedy to spur the passage of common sense laws.  Such a tragedy occurred back in February, when Steven Nelson was overcome by carbon monoxide while working at a Huntington Station restaurant.  A carbon monoxide detector could have saved his life,” said Senator Marcellino. 

            Under current New York State law, everyone or two-family home, condominium, cooperative and each unit of a multiple dwelling must have a working carbon monoxide detector, restaurants and other commercial buildings where excluded.


            “This legislation will help prevent another senseless and avoidable death.  Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.  These simple detecting devices warn us against this deadly colorless, odorless and tasteless gas.  My thoughts remain with the Nelson family and hope their story serves as a wakeup call for everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector today,” concluded Senator Marcellino.