Carl L Marcellino

March 30, 2012

I am proud to say that the State Legislature and the Governor have reached an agreement on the State Budget. This agreement continues to protect taxpayers and help the private sector create jobs. It  closes a multi-billion dollar deficit with no new taxes, fees or gimmicks and limits spending growth to 2% or below for the second year in a row.


Among the provisions are:

·         Education:

o   Bringing an overall total of  6.59% increase in State aid to schools in the 5th Senate District, representing an additional $8,211,945 for our Schools

o   Reforming the cumbersome teacher disciplinary process.

o   Provides additional aid to teacher centers, adult literacy programs and libraries

o    Prevents a pre-school special education cost shift from the state and counties to school districts.

·         Long Island will receive 21.5 % of state transportation funding

·         The Budget provides significant mandate relief in Medicaid spending including $4 million for Nassau and Suffolk's Medicaid costs

·         Restores $30 million to the EPIC program, so that seniors in EPIC will pay no more than $20 for a drug at the pharmacy counter instead of paying 25% of the drug's cost.

·         Funds $232 million in state capital funds and $917 million in new Federal funds for a total of $1.2 billion in new spending to accelerate repair, replacement and improve deficient roads and bridges.

·         Includes a new measure to allow state agencies to purchase common goods and services through centralized contracts. And eliminates 25 boards and commissions that are no longer active or whose missions have been completed.


In the weeks ahead, I will continue my efforts to keep you informed regarding the Budget and this year’s Legislative Session.


Remember, if you'd like to share your own views and opinions on the State Budget -- or any other issue of concern -- I always look forward to hearing from you.

Below are the 2012-2013 School District Aid Details for the 5th Senate District.  I want to personally thank everyone who helped us push for this important increase in school aid. 


School District                                   Total Aid($)                             Percent Change


GLEN COVE                                     7,656,126                                8.84%

NORTH SHORE                                3,698,258                                8.80%

SYOSSET                                           9,911,107                                5.48%

LOCUST VALLEY                           3,145,233                                5.39%

OYSTER BAY                                   2,209,972                                1.19%

JERICHO                                                       4,034,409                                2.22%

ELWOOD                                          11,423,920                              5.86%

COLD SPRING HARBOR               2,952,813                                4.73%

HUNTINGTON                                 12,258,531                              9.08%

HARBORFIELDS                             13,536,182                              8.15%

S. HUNTINGTON                             26,733,529                              8.35%

HICKSVILLE                                    13,219,421                              2.19%

NORTHPORT                                    11,598,556                              6.59%

BETHPAGE                                       10,417,679                              6.47%