The Devils In The Details - - Spitzer Plan Short On Savings

Carl L Marcellino

November 20, 2007

Today Governor Spitzer announced that he was calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to hold the base fare for subways and buses to $2.00. However, his plan would still allow the authority to increase fares, including the cost of the MetroCards and fares on the Long Island Rail Road.

"The Governor says he is listening but he apparently he has one deaf ear," said Senator Carl L. Marcellino "If he can direct his hand picked Chairman to tow the line on base subway fares he certainly can help the overburdened taxpayer. Yet once again, we see a smoke screen, holding pay-per-ride fares constant and raising the cost of Metro Cards and fares on the Long Island Railroad only benefits the occasional rider, not the already overburdened taxpayers who commute to work on a daily basis."

In July, the MTA forecast a record year-end cash balance of $960 million. Today, the MTA raised this projections by another $220 million. That is nearly $1.2 billion in unanticipated revenue this year. "Governor Spitzer should insist that the MTA, decide how much money they have before turning to the public for yet more of their hard earned dollars," said Senator Marcellino. "The bottom line is the Governor and the MTA has once again turned its back on its fundamental responsibility of providing safe, convenient, and user friendly service. At a time when we could be reducing traffic, air and noise pollution through the use of mass transit, it is wrong to go forward with this unfair and unjustifiable fare increase."

“For the Long Island commuter who takes both the train and the subway his big announcement does nothing. First, the Governor tried to cut funding to our local hospital, and then he tried to cut our school aid, now, he’s going after our hard working commuters. Where does this end?” asked Senator Marcellino.

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