Marcellino’s Legislation To Outlaw ‘live -shot’ Internet Hunting Passes Senate

Carl L Marcellino

March 26, 2009


Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R- Syosset) today announced that his legeslation to prohibit the practice of ‘hunting by remote control' via the Internet (S.2822A) has passed the Senate.

"Not only does this activity pose potential safety problems, but hunting via the Internet takes the honor and the sport out of hunting and turns it into the equivalent of an online video game. New York State cannot allow this behavior to occur and this bill would prohibit the creation of such web sites and shooting facilities," said Senator Marcellino.

This bill is in response to, a Texas based web site, which allows users to hunt and target shoot with live ammunition over the Internet. The legislation would prohibit the creation, maintenance or utilization of any web site or hunting gallery from any location within this State for purposes of the on-line shooting of targets or animals.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the ASPCA have publicly stated their support for a ban on Internet hunting and a number of State legislatures throughout the country are considering enacting similar legislation.