Marcellino Announces $350,000 For Glen Cove School District

Carl L Marcellino

May 03, 2005

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R-Syosset) today announced that he has secured $350,000 for the Glen Cove School District. The School District will receive two Grants, one for $150,00 that will be used to update the technology infrastructure throughout the District and another for $200,000 that will be used toward the installation of an elevator in the Connolly School.

"I am pleased to provide funding to the Glen Cove School District that will not only help to continue the programs vital to the quality of education available in Glen Cove but alleviate potential school tax increases," said Senator Marcellino

Senator Marcellino was an educator for 20 years and was a member of a Long Island School Board. He understands the unique needs of the Glen Cove School District and is committed to helping them acquire the equipment necessary to provide Glen Cove students and the community with the benefits of the finest 21st Century education.

" I am thrilled to accept this grant from Senator Marcellino. Once again he has assisted us in helping us to meet the needs of the students in the Glen Cove Schools. There is nothing more important than ensuring our children are safe and get a high-quality education. Additionally, the Senator’s help in providing an elevator at Connolly School will help us satisfy much needed ADA compliance along with relieving the local taxpayer of such a burden," said Superintendent Jerry Cicchelli.

"The Glen Cove School District feels very fortunate to have Senator Marcellino representing us," said Janet Bates-Wilkins, President of the Glen Cove City School District Board of Education "He has been a consistent supporter of school programs and kids. This special grant will assist us greatly as we expand our technology vision for our students, staff and community. I thank Senator Marcellino for his work to ensure excellence in education and for playing such a positive role in educating the leaders of tomorrow."